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About us

Company Profile

FIRST FUTURES Co.,LTD, (hereinafter referred to as First Futures) was established in July 1995. The original company personnel team from Tianjin United Futures Exchange. In 2007, company received capital from Tianjin Financial Investment Management Center, and the headquarters were relocated to Tianjin. After years of development, the company has gradually developed into anational futures company with all business licenses and the highest business qualifications in the futures industry.

With the development of futures industry, Co-developing with customer equity was the core operation philosophy of First Futures. The company focuses on professional upgrading and technological innovation, strengthening the core competitive power of the company, becoming a multi-level, integrated futures business system (mainly with futures brokerage business, supplemented by asset management and risk management business), and striving to become the most competitive, international and comprehensive financial service institution in the industry.

Shareholder background

Tianjin Finance Investment Administration Center and Tianjin Yide Investment Group are principal shareholders of First Futures. They provides superior governmental and industrial resources and research and development privilege for company.

Business Qualification

First Futures was one of the first 15 General Clearing Members approved by CFFEX and the Associate Member of DCE, SHFE and ZCE, providing all-listed-product trading service and settlement service for trading members of CFFEX. In 2012, First Futures was allowed to carry out futures investment consulting business after the approval of the China securities regulatory commission (CSRC) (license [2012] no. 38). And the asset management business was approved and registered in China Futures Association (License [2015] NO.47) on February 5th2015. It is a sign that the asset management business as the leader of the futures innovation business is operate officially. First Futures was authorized membership of INE in June 2017.

Our History

In July 1995, First Futures was established.

In November 1999, Tianjin Yide Investment Group raised First Futures’ registered capital to RMB 30 million yuan.

In July 2007, First Futures was invested by Tianjin Finance Investment Administration Center and relocated its headquarter to Tianjin.

In November 2007, First Futures was approved by CFFEX to be the NO. 5 General Clearing Member.

In March 2008, First Futures became one of 20 financial projects which are promoted by Tianjin government.

In January 2009, First Futures increased its registered capital to RMB 130 million yuan.

In January 2012, First Futures obtained qualification of “Future Investment Consultation” which was approved by CSRC.

In May 2013, First Futures was appraised as excellent financial enterprise with Class-AAA by Tianjin Finance Bureau.

In December 2013, First Futures increased its registered capital to RMB 165 million yuan.

In February 2015, asset management business was approved and registered in China Futures Association.

In June 2017, First Futures increased its registered capital to RMB 214.5 million yuan.

Enterprise Spirits

3 ways of thinking


Investment bank-oriented


3 philosophies

Co-developing with customer equity

People foremost, Morality Oriented

Integrity-based, Acquire Wealth

4 pathways

Responsibility, Technology, Profession and Media