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Our advantage

IT Information and technology

We’ve established computer room in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Dalian. Facilities and services of computer room have reached the highest level in the futures industry and have passed three standards of IT guidance. We’ve built multi-computer facilities and remote disaster recovery to provide A-level stable and fast trading surroundings and secure trading of our customers. The establishment of multi-ground computer room provides customers with a stable and fast trading environment and ensures the security of customer transactions.

To meet various needs of our customers, we provide multiple trading path, such as SunGard as the core and CTP, Esunny, X-Speed and FM as supplement.

Server Hosting

Content to quantify or high-frequency trading needs of customers, the company has computer room resources from various futures exchange, to provide customers with specialized trading seat, at the same time providing server hosting service.

Trading Software

We have multiple market scanning such as PoBo and MyTrader, as well as trading platform such as Midas , Q7 , Yijiantong , Shandianshou and Shandianwang. We also provide mobile software for market scanning and trading such as Wenhuasuishenxing, Mobile Wealth and Customized APP. Besides above, we provide MultiCharts, TradeBlazer, Weistock and Wenhua Wh8 for program traders.

Account diagnosis service

In order to improve the trading level of investors, thecompany independently developed account diagnosis system for investors to analyze and diagnose. The service for investors trading accounts over a period of transaction data to carry on the summary statistics, by using different indicators and dimensions, according to the data (daily deal, profit and loss, changes in equity) to comprehensive analysis of investors' trading behavior, help investors to understand their investments, improve the investment strategy.

Customized Research Information

The company has a systematic R&D framework and a professional R&D team. It relies on years of service experience to provide customers with personalized services, such as risk management consulting and special training. In addition, the company provides a variety of research and analysis reports, information research and analysis services; to design the hedging, arbitrage, formulate trading strategies and other trading advisory services for customers.

Delivery and hedging service

The company provides comprehensive and systematic training and guidance for institutional clients, such as delivery knowledge, business process, customer risk control and position setting. In addition, the company also customized strategy with the combination of business operation and hedging, hedging financial accounting training, delivery and warehouse receipt financing services for clients.

Financial Engineering Solutions

Company develop risk control and hedging software rely on requirement of customers to help their trading. We use R, Python, C# and other computer language and data mining package to compile quantitative strategies in a fast and extendable way. Our strategies are based on current major port such as CTP and SunGard and invoke API function directly, realizing connection with First Futures trading port without any third-party software.