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Our team

Management Team

Management team is renowned by its high-quality, professional, integrity and compliance. All team members have more-than-10-year experienced in the futures industry. They have excellent leadership, rich management experience, common career vision and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, team members also have extensive personnel and spot resources. We develop unique management philosophy and devote to build our own brand perception and core competitiveness.

Research and development Team

The company has set up several research institutes, include steel and it raw materials department, energy and chemical industry department, fresh food department, industrial investment and research department, industrial investment department, investment consultation department, futures-physical innovation department, options department and etc. All departments are based on macro-analysis and industrial research and oriented by the market demand, attention to the development trend of commodity futures and financial futures market and expand the scope and depth of financial investment research, provide high quality research and development services to customers, such as trading strategies, value-added finance and risk management.

Customer Service Team

We have a professional, experienced and high-quality customer service team, with convenient and efficient service concept for customers to solve all problems. We follow the development of the industry, give full play to the advantages of the Internet, use diversified information such as big data management and new media, create intelligent service system for customers, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.